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wxGraphicsRenderer(3erl)	     Erlang Module Definition		 wxGraphicsRenderer(3erl)

       wxGraphicsRenderer - See external documentation: wxGraphicsRenderer.

       See external documentation: wxGraphicsRenderer .

	 wxGraphicsRenderer() :

	   An object reference, The representation is internal and can be changed without notice.
	   It can't be used for comparsion stored on disc or distributed for use on other nodes.

       getDefaultRenderer() -> wxGraphicsRenderer()

	      See external documentation .

       createContext(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),  Dc::wxWindowDC()  (see  module  wxWindowDC)	|
       wxWindow() (see module wxWindow)) -> wxGraphicsContext() (see module wxGraphicsContext)

	      See external documentation .

       createPen(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),  Pen::wxPen() (see module wxPen)) -> wxGraphicsPen()
       (see module wxGraphicsPen)

	      See external documentation .

       createBrush(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(), Brush::wxBrush() (see module wxBrush)) -> wxGraph-
       icsBrush() (see module wxGraphicsBrush)

	      See external documentation .

       createLinearGradientBrush(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),	   X1::float(),      Y1::float(),
       X2::float(), Y2::float(), C1::colour() (see module wx), C2::colour() (see module  wx))  ->
       wxGraphicsBrush() (see module wxGraphicsBrush)

	      See external documentation .

       createRadialGradientBrush(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),	   Xo::float(),      Yo::float(),
       Xc::float(),   Yc::float(),   Radius::float(),	OColor::colour()   (see    module    wx),
       CColor::colour() (see module wx)) -> wxGraphicsBrush() (see module wxGraphicsBrush)

	      See external documentation .

       createFont(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),  Font::wxFont() (see module wxFont)) -> wxGraphics-
       Font() (see module wxGraphicsFont)

	      Equivalent to createFont(This, Font, []) .

       createFont(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),	  Font::wxFont()     (see     module	 wxFont),
       Options::[Option]) -> wxGraphicsFont() (see module wxGraphicsFont)

	      Types  Option = {col, colour() (see module wx)}

	      See external documentation .

       createMatrix(This::wxGraphicsRenderer())  ->  wxGraphicsMatrix() (see module wxGraphicsMa-

	      Equivalent to createMatrix(This, []) .

       createMatrix(This::wxGraphicsRenderer(),  Options::[Option])  ->  wxGraphicsMatrix()  (see
       module wxGraphicsMatrix)

	      Types  Option  =	{a,  float()} | {b, float()} | {c, float()} | {d, float()} | {tx,
		     float()} | {ty, float()}

	      See external documentation .

       createPath(This::wxGraphicsRenderer()) -> wxGraphicsPath() (see module wxGraphicsPath)

	      See external documentation .


					 wxErlang 0.98.9		 wxGraphicsRenderer(3erl)
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