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CosTransactions_Terminator(3erl)     Erlang Module Definition	 CosTransactions_Terminator(3erl)

       CosTransactions_Terminator  -  This  module implements the OMG CosTransactions::Terminator

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       commit(Terminator, ReportHeuristics) -> Return

	      Types  Terminator = #objref
		     ReportHeuristics = boolean()
		     Return = ok | {'EXCEPTION', E}
		     E	=  #'CosTransactions_HeuristicMixed'{}	 |   #'CosTransactions_Heuristic-
		     Hazrd'{} | #'CosTransactions_TransactionRolledBack'{}

	      This  operation initiates the two-phase commit protocol. If the transaction has not
	      been marked 'rollback only' and all the participants agree to commit, the operation
	      terminates normally. Otherwise, the TransactionRolledBack is raised. If the parame-
	      ter ReportHeuristics is true and inconsistent  outcomes  by  raising  an	Heuristic

       rollback(Terminator) -> Return

	      Types  Terminator = #objref
		     Return = ok

	      This operation roles back the transaction.

Ericsson AB			      cosTransactions 1.2.10	 CosTransactions_Terminator(3erl)
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