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CosTimerEvent_TimerEventService(3erl)Erlang Module DefinitioCosTimerEvent_TimerEventService(3erl)

       CosTimerEvent_TimerEventService	  -    This    module	 implements    the    OMG    Cos-
       TimerEvent::TimerEventService interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       register(TimerEventService, CosEventCommPushConsumer, Data) -> TimerEventHandler

	      Types  TimerEventService = CosEventCommPushConsumer = TimerEventHandler = #objref
		     Data = #any

	      This operation will create a new TimerEventHandler object  which	will  push  given
	      Data to given CosEventCommPushConsumer after the timer have been set.

       unregister(TimerEventService, TimerEventHandler) -> ok

	      Types  TimerEventService = TimerEventHandler = #objref

	      This operation will terminate the given TimerEventHandler.

       event_time(TimerEventService, TimerEvent) -> UTO

	      Types  TimerEventService = #objref
		     TimerEvent = #'CosTimerEvent_TimerEvent'{utc, event_data}
		     utc =
		     event_data = #any}
		     UTO = #objref

	      This  operation returns a UTO containing the time at which the associated event was

Ericsson AB				  cosTime 1.1.10    CosTimerEvent_TimerEventService(3erl)
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