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Linux 2.6 - man page for costime_uto (linux section 3erl)

CosTime_UTO(3erl)		     Erlang Module Definition			CosTime_UTO(3erl)

       CosTime_UTO - This module implements the OMG CosTime::UTO interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       '_get_time'(UTO) -> ulonglong()

	      Types  UTO = #objref

	      This operation returns the time associated with the target object.

       '_get_inaccuracy'(UTO) -> ulonglong()

	      Types  UTO = #objref

	      This operation returns the inaccuracy associated with the target object.

       '_get_tdf'(UTO) -> short()

	      Types  UTO = #objref

	      This  operation  returns	the  time  displacement factor associated with the target

       '_get_utc_time'(UTO) -> UtcT

	      Types  UTO = #objref
		     Utc = #'TimeBase_UtcT'{time, inacclo, inacchi, tdf}
		     time = ulonglong()
		     inacclo = ulong()
		     inacchi = ushort()
		     tdf = short()

	      This operation returns the data associated with the target object in Utc form.

       absolute_time(UTO) -> OtherUTO

	      Types  UTO = OtherUTO = #objref

	      This operation create a new UTO object representing the time in the  target  object
	      added to current time (UTC). The time base is 15 october 1582 00:00 . Comparing two
	      time objects which use different time  base  is,	by  obvious  reasons,  pointless.
	      Raises  DATA_CONVERSION if causes an overflow. This operation is only useful if the
	      target object represents a relative time.

       compare_time(UTO, ComparisonType, OtherUTO) -> Reply

	      Types  UTO = OtherUTO = #objref
		     ComparisonType = 'IntervalC' | 'MidC'
		     Reply = 'TCEqualTo' | 'TCLessThan' | 'TCGreaterThan' | 'TCIndeterminate'

	      This operation compares the time associated with the target object  and  the  given
	      UTO object. The different ComparisonType are:

		* 'MidC'  -  only  compare  the time represented by each object. Furthermore, the
		  target object is always used as the first parameter in the comparison, i.e., if
		  the target object's time is larger 'TCGreaterThan' will be returned.

		* 'IntervalC'  -  also	takes the inaccuracy into consideration, i.e., if the two
		  objects interval overlaps 'TCIndeterminate' is returned, otherwise the  as  for

       time_to_interval(UTO, OtherUTO) -> TIO

	      Types  UTO = OtherUTO = TIO = #objref

	      This  operation  returns	a TIO representing the interval between the target object
	      and the given UTO midpoint times. The inaccuracy in the objects are not taken  into

       interval(UTO) -> TIO

	      Types  UTO = TIO = #objref

	      This operation creates a TIO object representing the error interval around the time
	      value represented by the target object, i.e., TIO.upper_bound =  UTO.time+UTO.inac-
	      curacy and TIO.lower_bound = UTO.time-UTO.inaccuracy .

Ericsson AB				  cosTime 1.1.10			CosTime_UTO(3erl)

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