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Linux 2.6 - man page for costime_timeservice (linux section 3erl)

CosTime_TimeService(3erl)	     Erlang Module Definition		CosTime_TimeService(3erl)

       CosTime_TimeService - This module implements the OMG CosTime::TimeService interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       universal_time(TimeService) -> Reply

	      Types  TimeService = #objref
		     Reply = UTO | {'EXCEPTION", #'TimerService_TimeUnavailable'{}}
		     UTO = #objref

	      This operation returns the current time and the Inaccuracy given when starting this
	      application in a UTO. The time base is 15 october 1582 00:00 . Comparing	two  time
	      objects which use different time base is, by obvious reasons, pointless.

       new_universal_time(TimeService, Time, Inaccuracy, Tdf) -> UTO

	      Types  TimeService = UTO = #objref
		     Time = Inaccuracy = ulonglong()
		     Tdf = short()

	      This  operation  creates	a  new UTO object representing the time parameters given.
	      This is the only way to create a UTO with an arbitrary time  from  its  components.
	      This is useful when using the Timer Event Service.

       uto_from_utc(TimeService, Utc) -> UTO

	      Types  TimeService = UTO = #objref
		     Utc = #'TimeBase_UtcT'{time, inacclo, inacchi, tdf}
		     time = ulonglong()
		     inacclo = ulong()
		     inacchi = ushort()
		     tdf = short()

	      This operation is used to create a UTO given a time in the Utc form.

       new_interval(TimeService, Lower, Upper) -> TIO

	      Types  TimeService = TIO = #objref
		     Lower = Upper = ulonglong()

	      This  operation  is used to create a new TIO object, representing the input parame-
	      ters. If Lower is greater than Upper BAD_PARAM is raised.

Ericsson AB				  cosTime 1.1.10		CosTime_TimeService(3erl)

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