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CosPropertyService_PropertiesIteratorErlang Module DefCosPropertyService_PropertiesIterator(3erl)

       CosPropertyService_PropertiesIterator  -  This  module  implements the OMG CosPropertySer-
       vice::PropertiesIterator interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       reset(Iterator) -> ok

	      Types  Iterator = #objref

	      This operation resets the position to the first property.

       next_one(Iterator) -> Reply

	      Types  Iterator = #objref
		     Reply =  {boolean(),  #'CosPropertyService_Property'{property_name  =  Name,
		     property_value = Value}}
		     Name = string()
		     Value = #any

	      This operation returns true . If false is returned the out parameter is a non-valid

       next_n(Iterator, HowMany) -> Reply

	      Types  Iterator = #objref
		     HowMany = long()
		     Reply = {boolean(), Properties}
		     Properties =  [#'CosPropertyService_Property'{property_name  =  Name,  prop-
		     erty_value = Value}]
		     Name = string()
		     Value = #any

	      This  operation returns true if the requested number of properties can be delivered
	      and there are additional properties. If false is returned and  a	sequence  of  max
	      HowMany properties will be returned and no more properties can be delivered.

       destroy(Iterator) -> ok

	      Types  Iterator = #objref

	      This operation will terminate the Iterator and all subsequent calls will fail.

Ericsson AB				cosProperty 1.CosPropertyService_PropertiesIterator(3erl)
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