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Linux 2.6 - man page for cosnotifyfilter_filteradmin (linux section 3erl)

CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin(3erl)    Erlang Module Definition	CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin(3erl)

       CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin  - This module implements the OMG CosNotifyFilter::FilterAdmin

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       All objects, which inherit this interface, export functions described in this module.

       add_filter(Object, Filter) -> FilterID

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     Filter = #objref
		     FilterID = long()

	      This operation connects a new Filter  to	the  target  object.  This  Filter  will,
	      together	with  other  associated  Filters , be used to select events to forward. A
	      unique Id is returned and should be used if we no longer want to consult the  given
	      Filter .

       remove_filter(Object, FilterID) -> ok

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     FilterID = long()

	      If  a  certain  Filter  no  longer should be associated with the target object this
	      operation must be used. Events will no longer be tested against the Filter  associ-
	      ated with the given Id.

       get_filter(Object, FilterID) -> Reply

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     FilterID = long()
		     Reply = Filter | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyFilter_FilterNotFound'{}}
		     Filter = #objref

	      If  the  target object is associated with a Filter matching the given Id the refer-
	      ence will be returned. If no such Filter is known by the target object an exception
	      is raised.

       get_all_filters(Object) -> FilterIDSeq

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     FilterIDSeq = [FilterID]
		     FilterID = long()

	      Id's  for  all Filter objects associated with the target object is returned by this

       remove_all_filters(Object) -> ok

	      Types  Object = #objref

	      If we want to remove all Filters associated with the target object we can use  this

Ericsson AB			      cosNotification 1.1.16	CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin(3erl)

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