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CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish(3erl)    Erlang Module Definition	CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish(3erl)

       CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish  - This module implements the OMG CosNotifyComm::NotifyPublish

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       All objects, which inherit this interface, export functions described in this module.

       offer_change(Object, Added, Removed) -> Reply

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     Added = Removed = EventTypeSeq
		     EventTypeSeq = [type]
		     Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', CosNotifyComm_InvalidEventType{type}}
		     type = #'CosNotification_EventType'{domain_name, type_name}
		     domain_name = type_name = string()

	      Objects supporting this interface can be informed by supplier objects  about  which
	      type  of	events	that  will be delivered in the future. This operation accepts two
	      parameters describing new and old event types respectively. If any of the  supplied
	      event type names is syntactically incorrect an exception is raised.

Ericsson AB			      cosNotification 1.1.16	CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish(3erl)
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