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Linux 2.6 - man page for cosnotifychanneladmin_structuredproxypullconsumer (linux section 3erl)


       CosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPullConsumer - This module implements the OMG  CosNo-
       tifyChannelAdmin::StructuredProxyPullConsumer interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       This module also exports the functions described in:

	 * CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish

	 * CosNotification_QoSAdmin

	 * CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin

	 * CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyConsumer

       connect_structured_pull_supplier(StructuredProxyPullConsumer, PullSupplier) -> Reply

	      Types  StructuredProxyPullConsumer = #objref
		     PullSupplier = #objref
		     Reply = ok  |  {'EXCEPTION',  #'CosEventChannelAdmin_AlreadyConnected'{}}	|
		     {'EXCEPTION', #'CosEventChannelAdmin_TypeError'{}}

	      This  operation  connects  a  PullSupplier  to  the  target object. If a connection
	      already  exists  or  the	given  client  object  does  not  support  the	functions
	      pull_structured_event and try_pull_structured_event an exception is raised.

       suspend_connection(StructuredProxyPullConsumer) -> Reply

	      Types  StructuredProxyPullConsumer = #objref
		     Reply  =  ok  | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConnectionAlreadyInac-
		     tive'{}} | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_NotConnected'{}}

	      This operation suspends the connection between the target object and its client. If
	      no connection exists or already suspended an exception is raised.

       resume_connection(StructuredProxyPullConsumer) -> Reply

	      Types  StructuredProxyPullConsumer = #objref
		     Reply  =  ok  | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ConnectionAlreadyInac-
		     tive'{}} | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_NotConnected'{}}

	      If the connection have been suspended this operation must be used  if  we  want  to
	      resume  the  connection. If the connection already are active or no connection have
	      been created an exception is raised.

       disconnect_structured_pull_consumer(StructuredProxyPullConsumer) -> ok

	      Types  StructuredProxyPullConsumer = #objref

	      This operation cause the target object to close the connection and terminate.

Ericsson AB			      cosNCosNotifyChannelAdmin_StructuredProxyPullConsumer(3erl)

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