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       CosNotifyChannelAdmin_SequenceProxyPushConsumer - This module implements the OMG  CosNoti-
       fyChannelAdmin::SequenceProxyPushConsumer interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       This module also exports the functions described in:

	 * CosNotifyComm_NotifyPublish

	 * CosNotification_QoSAdmin

	 * CosNotifyFilter_FilterAdmin

	 * CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ProxyConsumer

       connect_sequence_push_supplier(SequenceProxyPushConsumer, PushSupplier) -> Reply

	      Types  SequenceProxyPushConsumer = #objref
		     PushSupplier = #objref
		     Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosEventChannelAdmin_AlreadyConnected'{}}

	      This operation connects a PushSupplier  to  the  target  object.	If  a  connection
	      already exists the AlreadyConnected exception is raised.

       push_structured_events(SequenceProxyPushConsumer, EventBatch) -> Reply

	      Types  SequenceProxyPushConsumer = #objref
		     EventBatch = [StructuredEvent]
		     StructuredEvent	=    #'CosNotification_StructuredEvent'{header,   filter-
		     able_data, remainder_of_body}
		     header = EventHeader
		     filterable_data = [#'CosNotification_Property'{name, value}]
		     name = string()
		     value = #any
		     remainder_of_body = #any
		     EventHeader = #'CosNotification_EventHeader'{fixed_header, variable_header}
		     fixed_header = FixedEventHeader
		     variable_header = OptionalHeaderFields
		     FixedEventHeader	   =	  #'CosNotification_FixedEventHeader'{event_type,
		     event_type = EventType
		     event_name = string()
		     EventType = #'CosNotification_EventType'{domain_name, type_name}
		     domain_name = type_name = string()
		     OptionalHeaderFields = [#'CosNotification_Property'{name, value}]
		     Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosEventChannelAdmin_Disconnected'{}}

	      A client must use this operation when it wishes to push a new sequence of events to
	      the target object. If no connection exists the Disconnected exception is raised.

       disconnect_sequence_push_consumer(SequenceProxyPushConsumer) -> ok

	      Types  SequenceProxyPushConsumer = #objref

	      This operation cause the target object to close the connection and terminate.

Ericsson AB			      cosNotCosNotifyChannelAdmin_SequenceProxyPushConsumer(3erl)
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