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       CosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannelFactory - This module implements the OMG  CosNotifyChan-
       nelAdmin::EventChannelFactory interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       create_channel(ChannelFactory, InitialQoS, InitialAdmin) -> Return

	      Types  ChannelFactory = #objref
		     InitialQoS = CosNotification::QoSProperties
		     InitialAdmin = CosNotification::AdminProperties
		     Return = {EventChannel, ChannelID}
		     EventChannel = #objref
		     ChannelID = long()

	      This operation creates a new event channel. Along with the channel reference an  id
	      is  returned which can be used when invoking other operations exported by this mod-
	      ule. The Quality of Service argument supplied will be inherited by objects  created
	      by the channel. For more information about QoS settings see the User's Guide .

	      If no QoS- and/or Admin-properties are supplied (i.e. empty list), the default set-
	      tings will be used. For more information, see the User's Guide.

       get_all_channels(ChannelFactory) -> ChannelIDSeq

	      Types  ChannelFactory = #objref
		     ChannelIDSeq = [long()]

	      This operation returns a id sequence of all channel's created by	this  ChannelFac-

       get_event_channel(ChannelFactory, ChannelID) -> Return

	      Types  ChannelFactory = #objref
		     ChannelID = long()
		     Retrurn  =  EventChannel | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotifyChannelAdmin_ChannelNot-
		     EventChannel = #objref

	      This operation returns the EventChannel associated with the given id. If no channel
	      is  associated  with the id, i.e., never existed or have been terminated, an excep-
	      tion is raised.

Ericsson AB			      cosNotificatCosNotifyChannelAdmin_EventChannelFactory(3erl)
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