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Linux 2.6 - man page for cosnotification_qosadmin (linux section 3erl)

CosNotification_QoSAdmin(3erl)	     Erlang Module Definition	   CosNotification_QoSAdmin(3erl)

       CosNotification_QoSAdmin  -  This  module  implements  the  OMG	CosNotification::QoSAdmin

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       All objects, which inherit this interface, export functions described in this module.

       get_qos(Object) -> Reply

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     Reply = [QoSProperty]
		     QoSProperty = #'CosNotification_Property'{name, value}
		     name = string()
		     value = #any

	      This operation returns a list of name-value pairs which  encapsulates  the  current
	      QoS settings for the target object.

       set_qos(Object, QoS) -> Reply

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     QoS = [QoSProperty]
		     QoSProperty = #'CosNotification_Property'{name, value}
		     name = string()
		     value = #any
		     Reply = ok | {'EXCEPTION', #'CosNotification_UnsupportedQoS'{qos_err}}
		     qos_err = PropertyErrorSeq
		     PropertyErrorSeq = [PropertyError]
		     PropertyError    =   #'CosNotification_PropertyError'{code,   name,   avail-
		     name = string()
		     available_range = PropertyRange
		     PropertyRange = #CosNotification_PropertyRange{low_val, high_val}
		     low_val = high_val = #any

	      To alter the current QoS settings for the target object this function must be used.
	      If it is not possible to set the requested  QoS  the  UnsupportedQoS  exception  is
	      raised,  which includes a sequence of PropertyError 's describing which QoS, possi-
	      ble range and why is not allowed.

       validate_qos(Object, QoS) -> Reply

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     QoS = [QoSProperty]
		     QoSProperty = #'Property'{name, value}
		     name = string()
		     value = #any
		     Reply = {ok, NamedPropertyRangeSeq} |  {'EXCEPTION',  CosNotification_Unsup-
		     NamedPropertyRangeSeq = [NamedPropertyRange]
		     NamedPropertyRange = #CosNotification_NamedPropertyRange{name, range}
		     name = string()
		     range = #CosNotification_PropertyRange{low_val, high_val}
		     low_val = #any
		     high_val = #any

	      The  purpose  of	this  operations is to check if a QoS setting is supported by the
	      target object and if so, the operation returns additional properties which could be
	      optionally added as well.

Ericsson AB			      cosNotification 1.1.16	   CosNotification_QoSAdmin(3erl)

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