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Linux 2.6 - man page for cosnaming_bindingiterator (linux section 3erl)

CosNaming_BindingIterator(3erl)      Erlang Module Definition	  CosNaming_BindingIterator(3erl)

       CosNaming_BindingIterator - This interface supports iteration over a name binding list.

       This interface allows a client to iterate over the Bindinglist it has been initiated with.

       The type NameComponent used below is defined as:

	     -record('CosNaming_NameComponent', {id, kind=""}).

       id and kind are strings.

       The type Binding used below is defined as:

	     -record('CosNaming_Binding', {binding_name, binding_type}).

       binding_name  is a Name = [NameComponent] and binding_type is an enum which has the values
       nobject and ncontext .

       Both these records are defined in the file CosNaming.hrl and it is included with:


       next_one(BindinIterator) -> Return

	      Types  BindingIterator = #objref
		     Return = {bool(), Binding}

	      This operation returns the next binding and a boolean. The latter is set to true if
	      the  binding  is	valid  otherwise false. If the boolean is false there are no more
	      bindings to retrieve.

       next_n(BindinIterator, HowMany) -> Return

	      Types  BindingIterator = #objref
		     HowMany = int()
		     BindingList = [Binding]
		     Return = {bool(), BindingList}

	      This operation returns a binding list with at most HowMany bindings. If  there  are
	      no more bindings it returns false otherwise true.

       destroy(BindingIterator) -> Return

	      Types  BindingIterator = #objref
		     Return = ok

	      This operation destroys the binding iterator.

Ericsson AB				   orber 3.6.20 	  CosNaming_BindingIterator(3erl)

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