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CosFileTransfer_FileIterator(3erl)   Erlang Module Definition  CosFileTransfer_FileIterator(3erl)

       CosFileTransfer_FileIterator  - This module implements the OMG CosFileTransfer::FileItera-
       tor interface.

       To get access to the record definitions for the structures use:

       next_one(Iterator) -> Return

	      Types  Iterator = #objref
		     Return  =	 {boolean(),   #'CosFileTransfer_FileWrapper'{the_file	 =   File
		     file_type = Type}}
		     File = #objref
		     Type = nfile | ndirectory

	      This operation returns true if a FileWrapper exists at the current position and the
	      out parameter contains a valid File reference. If false is returned the out parame-
	      ter is a non-valid FileWrapper .

       next_n(Iterator, Max) -> Return

	      Types  Iterator = #objref
		     Max = unsigned long()
		     Return = {boolean(), FileList}
		     FileList  =  [#'CosFileTransfer_FileWrapper'{the_file  =  File  file_type	=
		     File = #objref
		     Type = nfile | ndirectory

	      This operation returns true if the requested number of FileWrappers can  be  deliv-
	      ered and there are additional FileWrappers . If false is returned a list, of length
	      Max or less, containing the last valid  FileWrappers  associated	with  the  target

       destroy(Iterator) -> ok

	      Types  Iterator = #objref

	      This operation terminates the target object.

Ericsson AB			      cosFileTransfer 1.1.10   CosFileTransfer_FileIterator(3erl)
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