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Linux 2.6 - man page for coseventchanneladmin_eventchannel (linux section 3erl)

CosEventChannelAdmin_EventChannel(3erErlang Module DefinitCosEventChannelAdmin_EventChannel(3erl)

       CosEventChannelAdmin_EventChannel  -  This  module  implements an Event Channel interface,
       which plays the role of a  mediator between consumers and suppliers.

       An event channel is an object that allows multiple suppliers to communicate with  multiple
       consumers in a highly decoupled, asynchronous manner. The event channel is built up incre-
       mentally. When an event channel is created no suppliers or consumers are connected to  it.
       Event  Channel  can implement group communication by serving as a replicator, broadcaster,
       or multicaster that forward events from one or more suppliers to multiple consumers.

       It is up to the user to decide when an event channel is created and how references to  the
       event  channel are obtained. By representing the event channel as an object, it has all of
       the properties that apply to objects. One way to manage an event channel is to register it
       in a naming context, or export it through an operation on an object.

       To get access to all definitions include necessary hrl files by using:

       Any  object  that possesses an object reference that supports the ProxyPullConsumer inter-
       face can perform the following operations:

       for_consumers(Object) -> Return

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     Return = #objref

	      This operation returns a ConsumerAdmin object reference.	If  ConsumerAdmin  object
	      does not exist already it creates one.

       for_suppliers(Object) -> Return

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     Return = #objref

	      This  operation  returns	a SupplierAdmin object reference. If SupplierAdmin object
	      does not exist already it creates one.

       destroy(Object) -> Return

	      Types  Object = #objref
		     Return = #objref

Ericsson AB				 cosEvent 2.1.10  CosEventChannelAdmin_EventChannel(3erl)

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