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SSL_get_psk_identity(3SSL)		     OpenSSL		       SSL_get_psk_identity(3SSL)

       SSL_get_psk_identity, SSL_get_psk_identity_hint - get PSK client identity and hint

	#include <openssl/ssl.h>

	const char *SSL_get_psk_identity_hint(const SSL *ssl);
	const char *SSL_get_psk_identity(const SSL *ssl);

       SSL_get_psk_identity_hint() is used to retrieve the PSK identity hint used during the
       connection setup related to SSL object ssl. Similarly, SSL_get_psk_identity() is used to
       retrieve the PSK identity used during the connection setup.

       If non-NULL, SSL_get_psk_identity_hint() returns the PSK identity hint and
       SSL_get_psk_identity() returns the PSK identity. Both are NULL-terminated.
       SSL_get_psk_identity_hint() may return NULL if no PSK identity hint was used during the
       connection setup.

       Note that the return value is valid only during the lifetime of the SSL object ssl.

1.0.0e					    2006-03-10		       SSL_get_psk_identity(3SSL)
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