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CMS_final(3SSL) 			     OpenSSL				  CMS_final(3SSL)

	CMS_final - finalise a CMS_ContentInfo structure

	#include <openssl/cms.h>

	int CMS_final(CMS_ContentInfo *cms, BIO *data, BIO *dcont, unsigned int flags);

       CMS_final() finalises the structure cms. It's purpose is to perform any operations
       necessary on cms (digest computation for example) and set the appropriate fields. The
       parameter data contains the content to be processed. The dcont parameter contains a BIO to
       write content to after processing: this is only used with detached data and will usually
       be set to NULL.

       This function will normally be called when the CMS_PARTIAL flag is used. It should only be
       used when streaming is not performed because the streaming I/O functions perform
       finalisation operations internally.

       CMS_final() returns 1 for success or 0 for failure.

       ERR_get_error(3), CMS_sign(3), CMS_encrypt(3)

       CMS_final() was added to OpenSSL 0.9.8

1.0.0e					    2008-04-10				  CMS_final(3SSL)
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