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Linux 2.6 - man page for ssignal (linux section 3)

GSIGNAL(3)			    Linux Programmer's Manual			       GSIGNAL(3)

       gsignal, ssignal - software signal facility

       #include <signal.h>

       typedef void (*sighandler_t)(int);

       int gsignal(int signum);

       sighandler_t ssignal(int signum, sighandler_t action);

   Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)):

       gsignal(), ssignal(): _SVID_SOURCE

       Don't  use  these  functions  under Linux.  Due to a historical mistake, under Linux these
       functions are aliases for raise(3) and signal(2), respectively.

       Elsewhere, on  System  V-like  systems,	these  functions  implement  software  signaling,
       entirely independent of the classical signal(2) and kill(2) functions.  The function ssig-
       nal() defines the action to take when the software signal with  number  signum  is  raised
       using  the function gsignal(), and returns the previous such action or SIG_DFL.	The func-
       tion gsignal() does the following: if no action (or the action SIG_DFL) was specified  for
       signum,	then  it  does	nothing  and  returns 0.  If the action SIG_IGN was specified for
       signum, then it does nothing and returns 1.  Otherwise, it resets the  action  to  SIG_DFL
       and calls the action function with argument signum, and returns the value returned by that
       function.  The range of possible values signum varies (often 1-15 or 1-17).

       These functions are available under AIX, DG/UX, HP-UX,  SCO,  Solaris,  Tru64.	They  are
       called  obsolete  under	most of these systems, and are broken under Linux libc and glibc.
       Some systems also have gsignal_r() and ssignal_r().

       kill(2), signal(2), raise(3)

       This page is part of release 3.55 of the Linux man-pages project.  A  description  of  the
       project,     and    information	  about    reporting	bugs,	 can	be    found    at

					    2007-07-26				       GSIGNAL(3)

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