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Linux 2.6 - man page for mtrace (linux section 1)

MTRACE(1)							 Linux user manual							 MTRACE(1)

mtrace - interpret the malloc trace log
mtrace [option]... [binary] mtracedata
mtrace is a Perl script used to interpret and provide human readable output of the trace log contained in the file mtracedata, whose con- tents were produced by mtrace(3). If binary is provided, the output of mtrace also contains the source file name with line number informa- tion for problem locations (assuming that binary was compiled with debugging information). For more information about the mtrace(3) function and mtrace script usage, see mtrace(3).
--help Print help and exit. --version Print version information and exit.
For bug reporting instructions, please see: <>.
memusage(1), mtrace(3)
2017-09-15 MTRACE(1)

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