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Dpkg::Control(3)			   libdpkg-perl 			 Dpkg::Control(3)

       Dpkg::Control - parse and manipulate official control-like information

       The Dpkg::Control object is a smart version of Dpkg::Control::Hash.  It associates a type
       to the control information. That type can be used to know what fields are allowed and in
       what order they must be output.

       The types are constants that are exported by default. Here's the full list:

	   This type is the default type, it indicates that the type of control information is
	   not yet known.

	   Corresponds to the first block of information in a debian/control file in a Debian
	   source package.

	   Corresponds to subsequent blocks of information in a debian/control file in a Debian
	   source package.

	   Corresponds to an entry in a Sources file of an APT source package repository.

	   Corresponds to an entry in a Packages file of an APT binary package repository.

	   Corresponds to a .dsc file of a Debian source package.

	   Corresponds to the control file generated by dpkg-gencontrol (DEBIAN/control) and to
	   the same file inside .deb packages.

	   Corresponds to a .changes file.

	   Corresponds to a vendor file in /etc/dpkg/origins/.

	   Corresponds to an entry in dpkg's status file (/var/lib/dpkg/status).

	   Corresponds to the output of dpkg-parsechangelog.

       All the methods of Dpkg::Control::Hash are available. Those listed below are either new or
       overridden with a different behaviour.

       my $c = Dpkg::Control->new(%opts)
	   If the "type" option is given, it's used to setup default values for other options.
	   See set_options() for more details.

	   Changes the value of one or more options. If the "type" option is changed, it is used
	   first to define default values for others options. The option "allow_pgp" is set to 1
	   for CTRL_PKG_SRC and CTRL_FILE_CHANGES and to 0 otherwise. The option "drop_empty" is
	   set to 0 for CTRL_INFO_PKG and CTRL_INFO_SRC and to 1 otherwise. The option "name" is
	   set to a textual description of the type of control information.

	   The output order is also set to match the ordered list returned by

	   Returns the type of control information stored. See the type parameter set during

       Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>.				    2012-04-17				 Dpkg::Control(3)
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