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Dpkg::Compression(3)			   libdpkg-perl 		     Dpkg::Compression(3)

       Dpkg::Compression - simple database of available compression methods

       This modules provides a few public funcions and a public regex to interact with the set of
       supported compression methods.

	   A regex that matches a file extension of a file compressed with one of the supported
	   compression methods.

       my @list = compression_get_list()
	   Returns a list of supported compression methods (sorted alphabetically).

	   Returns a boolean indicating whether the give compression method is known and

       compression_get_property($comp, $property)
	   Returns the requested property of the compression method. Returns undef if either the
	   property or the compression method doesn't exist. Valid properties currently include
	   "file_ext" for the file extension, "comp_prog" for the name of the compression program
	   and "decomp_prog" for the name of the decompression program.

	   Returns the compression method that is likely used on the indicated filename based on
	   its file extension.

       my $comp = compression_get_default()
	   Return the default compression method. It's "gzip" unless "compression_set_default"
	   has been used to change it.

	   Change the default compression method. Errors out if the given compression method is
	   not supported.

       my $level = compression_get_default_level()
	   Return the default compression level used when compressing data. It's "9" unless
	   "compression_set_default_level" has been used to change it.

	   Change the default compression level. Errors out if the level is not valid (see
	   "compression_is_valid_level").  either a number between 1 and 9 or "fast" or "best".

	   Returns a boolean indicating whether $level is a valid compression level (it must be
	   either a number between 1 and 9 or "fast" or "best")

       Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>.				    2012-04-17			     Dpkg::Compression(3)
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