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Linux 2.6 - man page for dpkg::changelog::entry (linux section 3)

Dpkg::Changelog::Entry(3)		   libdpkg-perl 		Dpkg::Changelog::Entry(3)

       Dpkg::Changelog::Entry - represents a changelog entry

       This object represents a changelog entry. It is composed of a set of lines with specific
       purpose: an header line, changes lines, a trailer line. Blank lines can be between those
       kind of lines.

       my $entry = Dpkg::Changelog::Entry->new()
	   Creates a new object. It doesn't represent a real changelog entry until one has been
	   successfully parsed or built from scratch.

       my $str = $entry->output()
	   Get a string representation of the changelog entry.

	   Print the string representation of the changelog entry to a filehandle.

	   Return either a string (for a single line) or an array ref (for multiple lines)
	   corresponding to the requested part. $part can be "header, "changes", "trailer",
	   "blank_after_header", "blank_after_changes", "blank_after_trailer".

       $entry->set_part($part, $value)
	   Set the value of the corresponding part. $value can be a string or an array ref.

       $entry->extend_part($part, $value)
	   Concatenate $value at the end of the part. If the part is already a multi-line value,
	   $value is added as a new line otherwise it's concatenated at the end of the current

       $is_empty = $entry->is_empty()
	   Returns 1 if the changelog entry doesn't contain anything at all.  Returns 0 as soon
	   as it contains something in any of its non-blank parts.

	   Normalize the content. Strip whitespaces at end of lines, use a single empty line to
	   separate each part.

       my $src = $entry->get_source()
	   Return the name of the source package associated to the changelog entry.

       my $ver = $entry->get_version()
	   Return the version associated to the changelog entry.

       my @dists = $entry->get_distributions()
	   Return a list of target distributions for this version.

       $fields = $entry->get_optional_fields()
	   Return a set of optional fields exposed by the changelog entry.  It always returns a
	   Dpkg::Control object (possibly empty though).

       $urgency = $entry->get_urgency()
	   Return the urgency of the associated upload.

       my $maint = $entry->get_maintainer()
	   Return the string identifying the person who signed this changelog entry.

       my $time = $entry->get_timestamp()
	   Return the timestamp of the changelog entry.

       my $str = $entry->get_dpkg_changes()
	   Returns a string that is suitable for usage in a "Changes" field in the output format
	   of "dpkg-parsechangelog".

       Raphael Hertzog <hertzog@debian.org>.				    2012-04-17			Dpkg::Changelog::Entry(3)

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