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TWISTD(1)										TWISTD(1)

       twistd - run Twisted applications (TACs, TAPs)

       twistd [options]

       Read a twisted.application.service.Application out of a file and run it.

       -n, --nodaemon Don't daemonize (stay in foreground).

       -q, --quiet
	      No-op for backwards compatibility.

       -p, --profile <profile output>
	      Run the application under the profiler, dumping results to the specified file.

       --profiler <profiler name>
	      Specify the profiler to use. Defaults to the 'hotshot' profiler.

	      Save the Stats object rather than the text output of the profiler.

       -b, --debug
	      Run  the application in the Python Debugger (implies --nodaemon option).	Sending a
	      SIGINT or SIGUSR2 signal to the process will drop it into the debugger.

       -e, --encrypted <file>
	      The specified tap/aos file is encrypted.

       --euid Set only effective user-id rather than real user-id.  This  option  has  no  effect
	      unless the server is running as root, in which case it means not to shed all privi-
	      leges after binding ports, retaining the option to regain privileges in cases  such
	      as spawning processes. Use with caution.

       -o, --no_save
	      Do not save shutdown state.

	      Behave  as  though  the specified Application has no process name set, and run with
	      the standard process name (the Python binary in most cases).

       -l, --logfile <logfile>
	      Log to a specified file, - for stdout (default: twistd.log).  The log file will  be
	      rotated on SIGUSR1.

       --pidfile <pidfile>
	      Save pid in specified file (default: twistd.pid).

       --chroot <directory>
	      Chroot  to  a supplied directory before running (default: don't chroot).	Chrooting
	      is done before changing the current directory.

       -d, --rundir <directory>
	      Change to a supplied directory before running (default: .).

       -u, --uid <uid>
	      The uid to run as (default: don't change).

       -g, --gid <gid>
	      The gid to run as (default: don't change).

       --umask <mask>
	      The (octal) file creation mask to apply. (default: 0077 for daemons, no change oth-

       -r, --reactor <reactor>
	      Choose which reactor to use. See --help-reactors for a list of possibilities.

	      List the names of possibly available reactors.

       --spew Write  an  extremely  verbose  log of everything that happens. Useful for debugging
	      freezes or locks in complex code.

       -f, --file <tap file>
	      Read the given .tap file (default: twistd.tap).

       -s, --source <tas file>
	      Load an Application from the given .tas (AOT Python source) file.

       -y, --python <python file>
	      Use the variable "application" from the given Python file.  This	option	overrides
	      -f. This option implies --no_save.

       -g, --plugin <plugin name>
	      Read config.tac from a plugin package, as with -y.

	      Log to syslog instead of a file.

       -u, --uid <uid>
	      The uid to run as.

       -g, --gid <gid>
	      The gid to run as.

	      Print version information and exit.

       --prefix <prefix>
	      Use the specified prefix when logging to logfile. Default is "twisted".

       Note  that if twistd is run as root, the working directory is not searched for Python mod-

       A running twistd accepts SIGINT for a clean shutdown and SIGUSR1 to rotate log files.

       Written by Moshe Zadka, based on twistd's help messages.

       To report a bug, visit  http://twistedmatrix.com/trac/wiki/TwistedDevelopment#Development-

       Copyright (C) 2001-2010 Twisted Matrix Laboratories.
       This  is  free  software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not

					     Dec 2003					TWISTD(1)
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