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SHTOOL-TABLE.TMP(1)		     GNU Portable Shell Tool		      SHTOOL-TABLE.TMP(1)

       shtool-table - GNU shtool pretty-print a field-separated list

       shtool table [-F|--field-sep sep] [-w|--width width] [-c|--columns cols] [-s|--strip
       strip] strsepstr...

       This pretty-prints a list of strings as a table.

       The following command line options are available.

       -F, --field-sep sep
	   Separate columns using sep. Default is ":".

       -w, --width width
	   Width of each column. Default is 15 characters.

       -c, --columns cols
	   Number of columns. Default is 3.

       -s, --strip strip
	   Strip off any characters past strip. Default is 79.

	#   shell script
	shtool table -F , -w 5 -c 4 "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12"

       The GNU shtool table command was originally written by Ralf S.  Engelschall
       <rse@engelschall.com> in 1999 for GNU shtool.

       shtool(1), tr(1), fmt(1), sh(1), awk(1), sed(1).

18-Jul-2008				   shtool 2.0.8 		      SHTOOL-TABLE.TMP(1)
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