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QMQP-SINK(1)									     QMQP-SINK(1)

       qmqp-sink - multi-threaded QMQP test server

       qmqp-sink [-46cv] [-x time] [inet:][host]:port backlog

       qmqp-sink [-46cv] [-x time] unix:pathname backlog

       qmqp-sink  listens on the named host (or address) and port.  It receives messages from the
       network and throws them away.  The purpose is to measure QMQP client performance, not pro-
       tocol  compliance.   Connections  can  be  accepted on IPv4 or IPv6 endpoints, or on UNIX-
       domain sockets.	IPv4 and IPv6 are the default.	This program is  the  complement  of  the
       qmqp-source(1) program.

       Note:  this  is	an unsupported test program. No attempt is made to maintain compatibility
       between successive versions.


       -4     Support IPv4 only. This option has no effect when Postfix  is  built  without  IPv6

       -6     Support  IPv6 only. This option is not available when Postfix is built without IPv6

       -c     Display a running counter that is updated whenever a delivery is completed.

       -v     Increase verbosity. Specify -v -v to see some of the QMQP conversation.

       -x time
	      Terminate after time seconds. This is to facilitate memory leak testing.

       qmqp-source(1), QMQP message generator

       The Secure Mailer license must be distributed with this software.

       Wietse Venema
       IBM T.J. Watson Research
       P.O. Box 704
       Yorktown Heights, NY 10598, USA

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