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Linux 2.6 - man page for ntptrace (linux section 1)

NTPTRACE(1)									      NTPTRACE(1)

       ntptrace - trace a chain of NTP servers back to the primary source

       ntptrace [ -n ] [ server ]

       ntptrace  determines  where a given Network Time Protocol (NTP) server gets its time from,
       and follows the chain of NTP servers back to their master time source. If given	no  argu-
       ments, it starts with localhost. Here is an example of the output from ntptrace:

       % ntptrace
       localhost: stratum 4, offset 0.0019529, synch distance 0.144135
       server2ozo.com: stratum 2, offset 0.0124263, synch distance 0.115784
       usndh.edu: stratum 1, offset 0.0019298, synch distance 0.011993, refid 'WWVB'

       On  each  line,	the fields are (left to right): the host name, the host stratum, the time
       offset between that host and the local host (as measured by ntptrace; this is  why  it  is
       not  always  zero for "localhost"), the host synchronization distance, and (only for stra-
       tum-1 servers) the reference clock ID. All times are given in seconds. Note that the stra-
       tum  is	the server hop count to the primary source, while the synchronization distance is
       the estimated error relative to the primary source. These terms are precisely  defined  in

       -d     Turns on some debugging output.

       -n     Turns  off  the  printing of host names; instead, host IP addresses are given. This
	      may be useful if a nameserver is down.

       -r retries
	      Sets the number of retransmission attempts for each host (default = 5).

       -t timeout
	      Sets the retransmission timeout (in seconds) (default = 2).

       -v     Prints verbose information about the NTP servers.

       This program makes no attempt to improve accuracy by doing multiple samples.

Network Time Protocol			 October 7, 2006			      NTPTRACE(1)

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