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NTPSWEEP(1)									      NTPSWEEP(1)

       ntpsweep - Sweep NTP Servers and Report Relationships

       ntpsweep [ --help|--peers|--strip <string>] <file>|[--host <hostname> ]

       ntpsweep  prints  per host given in <file> the NTP stratum level, the clock offset in sec-
       onds, the daemon version, the operating system and the processor.

       --help Print this short help text and exit.

       <file> Specify the hosts file. File format is one hostname or ip number	per  line.  Lines
	      beginning with # are considered as comment.

       --host <hostname>
	      Speficy a single host, bypassing the need for a hosts file.

	      List all peers a host synchronizes to.

       --strip <string>
	      Strip <string> from hostnames.

       Hans Lambermont.  Manpage by Bdale Garbee <bdale@gag.com> for the Debian GNU/Linux distri-

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