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NTPSNMPD(1)			       Programmer's Manual			      NTPSNMPD(1)

       ntpsnmpd - NTP SNMP MIB agent

       ntpsnmpd [-flag [value]]... [--opt-name [[=| ]value]]...

       All arguments must be options.

       This  manual  page  briefly  documents the ntpsnmpd command.  Its description is not docu-

       -n, --nofork
	      Do not fork.

       -p, --syslog
	      Log to syslog().

	      The socket address ntpsnmpd uses to connect to net-snmpd.  The default  string  for
	      this option is:

	      [<transport-specifier>:]<transport-address>  The	default is the Unix Domain socket
	      "unix:/var/agentx/master". Another common alternative is tcp:localhost:705.

       -?, --help
	      Display extended usage information and exit.

       -!, --more-help
	      Extended usage information passed thru pager.

       -> [rcfile], --save-opts[=rcfile]
	      Save the option state to rcfile.	The default is the last configuration file listed
	      in the OPTION PRESETS section, below.

       -< rcfile, --load-opts=rcfile, --no-load-opts
	      Load  options  from rcfile.  The no-load-opts form will disable the loading of ear-
	      lier RC/INI files.  --no-load-opts is handled early, out of order.

       - [{v|c|n}], --version[={v|c|n}]
	      Output version of program and exit.  The default mode is	`v',  a  simple  version.
	      The `c' mode will print copyright information and `n' will print the full copyright

       Any option that is not marked as not presettable may be preset by loading values from con-
       figuration ("RC" or ".INI") file(s) and values from environment variables named:
	 NTPSNMPD_<option-name> or NTPSNMPD
       The  environmental  presets  take  precedence (are processed later than) the configuration
       files.  The homerc files are "$HOME", and ".".  If any of these are directories, then  the
       file .ntprc is searched for within those directories.

       David L. Mills and/or others
       Please send bug reports to:  http://bugs.ntp.org, bugs@ntp.org

       see html/copyright.html

       This manual page was AutoGen-erated from the ntpsnmpd option definitions.

( 4.2.6p2)				    2010-07-09				      NTPSNMPD(1)
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