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MKPASSWD(1)				 Debian GNU/Linux			      MKPASSWD(1)

       mkpasswd - Overfeatured front end to crypt(3)

       mkpasswd PASSWORD SALT

       mkpasswd encrypts the given password with the crypt(3) libc function using the given salt.

       -S, --salt=STRING
	      Use the STRING as salt. It must not contain prefixes such as $1$.

       -R, --rounds=NUMBER
	      Use  NUMBER  rounds. This argument is ignored if the method chosen does not support
	      variable rounds. For the OpenBSD Blowfish method this is the logarithm of the  num-
	      ber of rounds.

       -m, --method=TYPE
	      Compute  the  password  using  the TYPE method.  If TYPE is help then the available
	      methods are printed.

       -5     Like --method=md5.

       -P, --password-fd=NUM
	      Read the password from file descriptor NUM instead of  using  getpass(3).   If  the
	      file  descriptor	is  not  connected to a tty then no other message than the hashed
	      password is printed on stdout.

       -s, --stdin
	      Like --password-fd=0.

	      A list of options which will be evalued before the ones specified  on  the  command

       If  the	--stdin  option  is used, passwords containing some control characters may not be
       read correctly.

       This programs suffers of a bad case of featuritis.

       passwd(1), passwd(5), crypt(3), getpass(3)

       mkpasswd and this man page were written by Marco d'Itri	<md@linux.it>  and  are  licensed
       under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 2 or higher.

Marco d'Itri				  21 March 2008 			      MKPASSWD(1)
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