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LZMAINFO(1)				     XZ Utils				      LZMAINFO(1)

       lzmainfo - show information stored in the .lzma file header

       lzmainfo [--help] [--version] [file]...

       lzmainfo  shows	information stored in the .lzma file header.  It reads the first 13 bytes
       from the specified file, decodes the header, and prints it to  standard	output	in  human
       readable format.  If no files are given or file is -, standard input is read.

       Usually the most interesting information is the uncompressed size and the dictionary size.
       Uncompressed size can be shown only if the file is in the non-streamed .lzma format  vari-
       ant.   The  amount of memory required to decompress the file is a few dozen kilobytes plus
       the dictionary size.

       lzmainfo is included in XZ Utils primarily for backward compatibility with LZMA Utils.

       0      All is good.

       1      An error occurred.

       lzmainfo uses MB while the correct suffix would be MiB (2^20 bytes).  This is to keep  the
       output compatible with LZMA Utils.


Tukaani 				    2010-09-27				      LZMAINFO(1)
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