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LCF(1)				     Debian GNU/Linux manual				   LCF(1)

       lcf - Determine which of the historical versions of a config is installed

       lcf [options] <Destination File Name> <Historical MD5SUM source directory>

       This script, given a destination file name, and a directory containing md5sums of histori-
       cal versions of the file, attempts to determine if the installed version corresponds to	a
       historical version. lcf uses the same algorithm that ucf uses, and should exhibit the same

       The source directory is the place where historical md5sums are expected to live.  Specifi-
       cally, the historical md5sums are looked for in either the file ${filename}.md5sum, or the
       subdirectory ${filename}.md5sum.d/

       -h, --help
	      Print a short usage message

       -n, --no-action
	      Dry run. Print the actions that would be taken if the script is invoked,	but  take
	      no action.

       -d [n], --debug [n]
	      Set  the	debug  level  to  the (optional) level n (n defaults to 1). This turns on
	      copious debugging information.

       -v,  --verbose
	      Make the script be very verbose about setting internal variables.

       /var/lib/ucf/hashfile, /etc/ucf.conf

       ucf(1) ucf.conf(5).

       There are no bugs.  Any resemblance thereof is delirium. Really.

       This manual page was  written  Manoj  Srivastava  <srivasta@debian.org>,  for  the  Debian
       GNU/Linux system.

Debian					    Feb 1 2002					   LCF(1)
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