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GENCAT(1)				      Debian					GENCAT(1)

       gencat - Generate message catalog

       gencat [OPTION...] -o OUTPUT-FILE [INPUT-FILE]...

       The gencat program is specified in the X/Open standard and the GNU implementation follows
       this specification and so processes all correctly formed input files. Additionally some
       extension are implemented which help to work in a more reasonable way with the catgets(3)

       -H, --header NAME
	      Create C header file NAME containing symbol definitions

       --new  Do not use existing catalog, force new output file

       -o, --output NAME
	      Write output to file NAME

       gencat was written by Ulrich Drepper as part of the GNU C Library.

       This man page was written by Jeff Bailey <jbailey@debian.org>.

3rd Berkeley Distribution		  November 2003 				GENCAT(1)
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