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DH_BUILDDEB(1)				    Debhelper				   DH_BUILDDEB(1)

       dh_builddeb - build Debian binary packages

       dh_builddeb [debhelperoptions] [--destdir=directory] [--filename=name] [--params]

       dh_builddeb simply calls dpkg-deb(1) to build a Debian package or packages.

	   Use this if you want the generated .deb files to be put in a directory other than the
	   default of "..".

	   Use this if you want to force the generated .deb file to have a particular file name.
	   Does not work well if more than one .deb is generated!

       -- params
	   Pass params to dpkg-deb(1) when it is used to build the package.

	   This is another way to pass params to dpkg-deb(1).  It is deprecated; use -- instead.


       This program is a part of debhelper.

       Joey Hess <joeyh@debian.org>

8.9.0ubuntu2.1				    2012-06-12				   DH_BUILDDEB(1)
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