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Linux 2.6 - man page for dh_auto_build (linux section 1)

DH_AUTO_BUILD(1)						     Debhelper							  DH_AUTO_BUILD(1)

dh_auto_build - automatically builds a package
dh_auto_build [buildsystemoptions] [debhelperoptions] [--params]
dh_auto_build is a debhelper program that tries to automatically build a package. It does so by running the appropriate command for the build system it detects the package uses. For example, if a Makefile is found, this is done by running make (or MAKE, if the environment variable is set). If there's a, or Build.PL, it is run to build the package. This is intended to work for about 90% of packages. If it doesn't work, you're encouraged to skip using dh_auto_build at all, and just run the build process manually.
See "BUILD SYSTEM OPTIONS" in debhelper(7) for a list of common build system selection and control options. -- params Pass params to the program that is run. These can be used to supplement or override any standard parameters that dh_auto_build passes.
debhelper(7) This program is a part of debhelper.
Joey Hess <> 8.9.0ubuntu2.1 2012-06-12 DH_AUTO_BUILD(1)

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