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CODEPAGE(1)				   Debian Linux 			      CODEPAGE(1)

       codepage - extract a codepage from an MSDOS codepage file

       codepage [ -c ] | [ -l ] | -L ] | [ -a | nnn ] <file.cpi>

       The codepage command extracts codepages from an MSDOS codepage file.

       -c     Input file is a single codepage

       -L     Print header info (you don't want to see this).

       -l     List all codepages contained in the file.

       -a     Extract all codepages from the file

       nnn    (3 digits): extract codepage nnn from the file.

       To create a file 850.cp, with codepage 850 from a file ega.cpi, execute:

		   codepage ega.cpi 850

Console Tools				    2002-02-19				      CODEPAGE(1)
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