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In April 2014, Linus Torvalds banned Kay Sievers from submitting patches to the Linux kernel for failing to deal with bugs that caused systemd to negatively interact with the kernel.
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CHKWTMP(1)						      General Commands Manual							CHKWTMP(1)

chkwtmp - check wtmp-file for deleted entries SYNOPSIS
Chkwtmp examines the file /var/log/wtmp for entries with no information (containing only null-bytes). If such entries are found the program prints the time window for the original entry. This is done by displaying the timestamps of the wtmp-entry before and after the deleted entry. To run chkwtmp you need read permission on the file /var/log/wtmp. Normally this file is world-readable and no special privileges are required to run the checker. FILES
/var/log/wtmp login data base SEE ALSO
wtmp(4), who(1) LIMITATIONS
An entry is recognized as overwritten if the time-information has been overwritten with null-bytes. This program was designed to run on SunOS 4.x systems only. On other systems the output is undefined... 7th Edition Thu Oct 12 1994 CHKWTMP(1)

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