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Linux 2.6 - man page for axi-cache (linux section 1)

AXI-CACHE(1)				  User Commands 			     AXI-CACHE(1)

       axi-cache - query the Apt Xapian Index

       axi-cache [options] command [args]

       Query the Apt Xapian index.

	      search commands:

       axi-cache again [query]
	      repeat the last search, possibly adding query terms

       axi-cache help
	      show a summary of commands

       axi-cache info
	      print information about the apt-xapian-index environment

       axi-cache last [count]
	      show the last results again

       axi-cache more [count]
	      show more terms from the last search

       axi-cache rdetails pkgname[s]
	      show details of reverse relationships for the given packages

       axi-cache search [terms]
	      start a new search

	      apt-cache front-ends:

       axi-cache depends pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache depends pkgname[s]

       axi-cache madison pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache madison pkgname[s]

       axi-cache policy pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache policy pkgname[s]

       axi-cache rdepends pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache rdepends pkgname[s]

       axi-cache show pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache show pkgname[s]

       axi-cache showpkg pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache showpkg pkgname[s]

       axi-cache showsrc pkgname[s]
	      run apt-cache showsrc pkgname[s]

	      show program's version number and exit

       -h, --help
	      show this help message and exit

       -s SORT, --sort=SORT
	      sort  by	the given value, as listed in /var/lib/apt-xapian-index/values. Add a '-'
	      to reverse sort order

       --tags show matching tags, rather than packages

	      suggest words for tab completion of the current command line (type  is  'plain'  or

       --last use 'show --last' to limit tab completion to only the packages from the last search

       --all  disable pagination and always show all results. Note that search results	are  nor-
	      mally  sorted  by  relevance, so you may find meaningless results at the end of the

axi-cache 0.44				  September 2011			     AXI-CACHE(1)

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