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module_version(9) [freebsd man page]

MODULE_VERSION(9)					   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					 MODULE_VERSION(9)

MODULE_VERSION -- set kernel module version SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/module.h> MODULE_VERSION(name, int version); DESCRIPTION
The MODULE_VERSION() macro sets the version of the module called name. Other kernel modules can then depend on this module (see MODULE_DEPEND(9)). EXAMPLES
This manual page was written by Alexander Langer <>. BSD
March 11, 2001 BSD

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DECLARE_MODULE(9)					   BSD Kernel Developer's Manual					 DECLARE_MODULE(9)

DECLARE_MODULE -- kernel module declaration macro SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/param.h> #include <sys/kernel.h> #include <sys/module.h> DECLARE_MODULE(name, moduledata_t data, sub, order); DESCRIPTION
The DECLARE_MODULE() macro declares a generic kernel module. It is used to register the module with the system, using the SYSINIT() macro. DECLARE_MODULE() is usually used within other macros, such as DRIVER_MODULE(9), DEV_MODULE(9) and SYSCALL_MODULE(9). Of course, it can also be called directly, for example in order to implement dynamic sysctls. The arguments it expects are: name The module name, which will be used in the SYSINIT() call to identify the module. data A moduledata_t structure, which contains two main items, the official name of the module name, which will be used in the module_t structure and a pointer to the event handler function of type modeventhand_t. sub An argument directed to the SYSINIT() macro. Valid values for this are contained in the sysinit_sub_id enumeration (see <sys/kernel.h>) and specify the type of system startup interfaces. The DRIVER_MODULE(9) macro uses a value of SI_SUB_DRIVERS here for example, since these modules contain a driver for a device. For kernel modules that are loaded at runtime, a value of SI_SUB_EXEC is common. order An argument for SYSINIT(). It represents the KLDs order of initialization within the subsystem. Valid values are defined in the sysinit_elem_order enumeration (<sys/kernel.h>). SEE ALSO
DEV_MODULE(9), DRIVER_MODULE(9), module(9), SYSCALL_MODULE(9) /usr/include/sys/kernel.h, /usr/share/examples/kld AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Alexander Langer <>, inspired by the KLD Facility Programming Tutorial by Andrew Reiter <>. BSD
January 6, 2005 BSD
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