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WATCHDOG(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					       WATCHDOG(8)

watchdog -- watchdog control program SYNOPSIS
watchdog [-d] [-t timeout] DESCRIPTION
The watchdog utility can be used to control the kernel's watchdog facility. The -d option enables debugging. The -t timeout option specifies the desired timeout period in seconds, a value of zero will disable the watchdog. The default timeout is 128 seconds. SEE ALSO
watchdog(4), watchdogd(8), watchdog(9) HISTORY
The watchdog utility appeared in FreeBSD 5.1. AUTHORS
The watchdog utility and manual page were written by Sean Kelly <> and Poul-Henning Kamp <>. Some contributions made by Jeff Roberson <>. BSD
October 18, 2014 BSD

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WATCHDOG(4)						   BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual 					       WATCHDOG(4)

watchdog -- hardware and software watchdog SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/watchdog.h> DESCRIPTION
The watchdog facility is used for controlling hardware and software watchdogs. /dev/fido responds to a single ioctl(2) call, WDIOCPATPAT. It takes a single argument which represents a timeout value specified as a power of two nanoseconds, or-ed with a flag selecting active or passive control of the watchdog. WD_ACTIVE indicates that the watchdog will be kept from timing out from userland, for instance by the watchdogd(8) daemon. WD_PASSIVE indi- cates that the watchdog will be kept from timing out from the kernel. The ioctl(2) call will return success if just one of the available watchdog(9) implementations supports setting the timeout to the specified timeout. This means that at least one watchdog is armed. If the call fails, for instance if none of watchdog(9) implementations support the timeout length, all watchdogs are disabled and must be explicitly re-enabled. To disable the watchdogs pass WD_TO_NEVER. If disarming the watchdog(s) failed an error is returned. The watchdog might still be armed! RETURN VALUES
The ioctl returns zero on success and non-zero on failure. [EOPNOTSUPP] No watchdog present in the kernel (timeout value other than 0). [EOPNOTSUPP] Watchdog could not be disabled (timeout value of 0). [EINVALID] Invalid flag combination passed. [EINVALID] None of the watchdogs supports the requested timeout value. EXAMPLES
#include <paths.h> #include <sys/watchdog.h> #define WDPATH "/dev/" _PATH_WATCHDOG int wdfd = -1; static void wd_init(void) { wdfd = open(WDPATH, O_RDWR); if (wdfd == -1) err(1, WDPATH); } static void wd_reset(u_int timeout) { if (ioctl(wdfd, WDIOCPATPAT, &timeout) == -1) err(1, "WDIOCPATPAT"); } /* in main() */ wd_init(); wd_reset(WD_ACTIVE|WD_TO_8SEC); /* potential freeze point */ wd_reset(WD_TO_NEVER); Enables a watchdog to recover from a potentially freezing piece of code. options SW_WATCHDOG in your kernel config adds a software watchdog in the kernel, dropping to KDB or panic-ing when firing. SEE ALSO
watchdogd(8), watchdog(9) HISTORY
The watchdog code first appeared in FreeBSD 5.1. BUGS
The WD_PASSIVE option has not yet been implemented. AUTHORS
The watchdog facility was written by Poul-Henning Kamp <>. The software watchdog code and this manual page were written by Sean Kelly <>. Some contributions were made by Jeff Roberson <>. BSD
June 25, 2003 BSD
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