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POPPER(8)                                                   BSD System Manager's Manual                                                  POPPER(8)

popper -- POP3 server SYNOPSIS
popper [-k] [-a plaintext|otp|sasl] [-t file] [-T seconds] [-d] [-i] [-p port] [--address-log=file] DESCRIPTION
popper serves mail via the Post Office Protocol. Supported options include: -a plaintext|otp|sasl Tells popper which authentication mode is acceptable, sasl enables SASL (RFC2222), and otp enables OTP (RFC1938) authentication. Both disable plaintext passwords. --address-log=file Logs the addresses (along with a timestamp) of all clients to the specified file. This can be used to implement POP-before-SMTP authentication. -d Enables more verbose log messages. -i When not started by inetd, this flag tells popper that it has to create a socket by itself. -k Tells popper to use Kerberos for authentication. This is the traditional way of doing Kerberos authentication, and is normally done on a separate port (as it doesn't follow RFC1939), and should be used instead of using SASL. -p port Port to listen to, in combination with -i. -t file Trace all commands to file. -T seconds Set timeout to something other than the default of 120 seconds. SEE ALSO
push(8), movemail(8) STANDARDS
RFC1939 (Post Office Protocol - Version 3) AUTHORS
The server was initially developed at the University of California, Berkeley. Many changes have been made as part of the KTH Kerberos distributions. HEIMDAL July 14, 2004 HEIMDAL

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PUSH(8) 						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						   PUSH(8)

push -- fetch mail via POP SYNOPSIS
push [-5 | --krb5] [-v | --verbose] [-f | --fork] [-l | --leave] [--from] [-c | --count] [--headers=headers] [-p port-spec | --port=port-spec] po-box filename DESCRIPTION
push retrieves mail from the post office box po-box, and stores the mail in mbox format in filename. The po-box can have any of the follow- ing formats: 'hostname:username' 'po:hostname:username' 'username@hostname' 'po:username@hostname' 'hostname' 'po:username' If no username is specified, push assumes that it's the same as on the local machine; hostname defaults to the value of the MAILHOST environ- ment variable. Supported options: -5, --krb5 use Kerberos 5 (if compiled with support for Kerberos 5) -f, --fork fork before starting to delete messages -l, --leave don't delete fetched mail --from behave like from. -c, --count first print how many messages and bytes there are. --headers=headers a list of comma-separated headers that should get printed. -p port-spec, --port=port-spec use this port instead of the default 'kpop' or '1109'. The default is to first try Kerberos 5 authentication and then, if that fails, Kerberos 4. ENVIRONMENT
MAILHOST points to the post office, if no other hostname is specified. EXAMPLES
$ push cornfield:roosta ~/.emacs-mail-crash-box tries to fetch mail for the user roosta from the post office at ``cornfield'', and stores the mail in ~/.emacs-mail-crash-box (you are using Gnus, aren't you?) $ push --from -5 havregryn tries to fetch From: lines for current user at post office ``havregryn'' using Kerberos 5. SEE ALSO
from(1), pfrom(1), movemail(8), popper(8) HISTORY
push was written while waiting for movemail to finish getting the mail. HEIMDAL
May 31, 1998 HEIMDAL
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