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pc-sysinstall(8) [freebsd man page]

PC-SYSINSTALL(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					  PC-SYSINSTALL(8)

pc-sysinstall -- System installer backend SYNOPSIS
pc-sysinstall [-c file] [command] DESCRIPTION
The pc-sysinstall utility is a hybrid backend for installing FreeBSD. When run in install mode it takes a configuration file and performs an installation according to the parameters specified in the configuration file. When called with one of the system query commands it provides information about the system to aid a front end in building an appropriate configuration file. The following options are available: -c file Perform an installation as directed by file. COMMANDS
The command can be any one of the following: help Display a list of all commands. help command Display the help data for the specified command. disk-list Provide a listing of the storage devices detected on this system. disk-part disk Queries the specified storage device and returns information about its partitions. disk-info disk Returns information about a storage device's size, cylinders, heads, and sectors. detect-laptop Tests to see if this system is a laptop or desktop. detect-emulation Tests to see if this system is running in an emulator detect-nics Returns a listing of the detected network cards on this system. list-components Returns a listing of the available components which can be installed. list-rsync-backups user host port Returns a listing of available rsync-backups on the target server in the life-preserver/ directory. list-tzones Returns a listing of available timezones. query-langs Returns a list of languages that the installer supports. sys-mem Returns the size of installed system RAM in MegaBytes. test-netup test if an internet connection is available. update-part-list Returns a list of PC-BSD and FreeBSD installs on this system for updates. xkeyboard-layouts Returns a list of keyboard layouts that xorg supports. xkeyboard-models Returns a list of keyboard models that xorg supports. xkeyboard-variants Returns a list of keyboard variants that xorg supports. create-part disk size Create a new MBR primary slice on the target disk using size MB. delete-part partition Delete the disk partition specified. If this is the last partition, the disk partition layout will also be scrubbed, leaving a clean disk ready for MBR or GPT file system layouts. start-autoinstall file Start an automated installation with the specified file. Normally only used by automated install scripts. setup-ssh-keys user host port Setup SSH without a password for the target host, user, and port. Used to prompt the user to log into a server before doing a rsync + ssh restore. HISTORY
This version of pc-sysinstall first appeared in FreeBSD 9.0. AUTHORS
Kris Moore <> BUGS
This utility was written to install PC-BSD and has seen limited use as an installer for FreeBSD. It's likely that usage to install FreeBSD will expose edge cases that PC-BSD doesn't, as well as generate feature requests based on unforeseen needs. BSD
June 24, 2010 BSD

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installer(1M)						  System Administration Commands					     installer(1M)

installer - Solaris Web Start installer utility SYNOPSIS
installer [-locales list] [-nodisplay] [-noconsole] [-debug] DESCRIPTION
The installer utility invokes a Web Start install wizard sequence which will lead the user through a sequence of installation panels. This installer utility is found on many CDs that are shipped with Solaris and it will be found among the top level files of these CDs. When the installer is on a CD being accessed from a desktop file manager, the installer can be double clicked to start the installation sequence. If the user is not currently the system's root user, the root user password will be requested. The installer utility can also be run from other UNIX scripts. Usually, a script is used in conjunction with the utility's -nodis- play option. Add the -noconsole option for non-interactive scripts. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: -locales list Selects product translations for install, corresponding to the specified list of locales if the specified locale transla- tions are present on the installation media. Locales are supplied in a comma-separated list following the -locales option. An example list would appear as follows: installer -locales fr,de,it This would install products with translations for the French, German, and Italian locales. -nodisplay Runs the install without a graphical user interface. Use the default product install unless it was modified by the -locales options. -noconsole Run the install without any interactive text console device. Useful when paired with -nodisplay for non-interactive UNIX script use. -debug Outputs extra information about what the install is doing. Mainly for install diagnostic purposes. FILES
/var/sadm/install/logs location of installation log files SEE ALSO
prodreg(1M) SunOS 5.10 11 December 2001 installer(1M)
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