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OFWDUMP(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						OFWDUMP(8)

ofwdump -- examine the Open Firmware device tree SYNOPSIS
ofwdump -a [-p | -P property] [-R | -S] ofwdump [-p | -P property] [-r] [-R | -S] [--] nodes DESCRIPTION
The ofwdump utility is used to examine the Open Firmware device tree. In the first synopsis form, the complete device tree is printed; in the second form, only the selected nodes will be examined. The following options are available: -a Print the complete device tree. -p Print all available properties. -P property Only print properties of the given name. -R Print properties in ``raw'' format, i.e., omit all headings and indentation and just write the property values unaltered to the standard output. This is intended to be used with the -P option to extract the value of a single property. -S Print properties as strings; this is analogous to the -R option, except that each property is only output to the first NUL char- acter, and that newline is appended to each. -r Recursively print all children of the specified nodes. EXAMPLES
Print the complete device tree: ofwdump -a Print the complete device subtree of the ``/pci'' node, including all available properties: ofwdump -pr /pci Print the ``compatible'' property of the ``/pci'' node as plain string: ofwdump -P compatible -S /pci SEE ALSO
eeprom(8) HISTORY
The ofwdump utility first appeared in FreeBSD 5.0. AUTHORS
The ofwdump utility was written by Thomas Moestl <>. BSD
October 18, 2002 BSD

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HAL-GET-PROPERTY(1)					      General Commands Manual					       HAL-GET-PROPERTY(1)

hal-get-property - get a property from a device object SYNOPSIS
hal-get-property [options] DESCRIPTION
hal-get-property retrieves a property from a device object in the HAL device database. For more information about both the big picture and specific HAL properties, refer to the HAL spec which can be found in /usr/local/share/doc/hal/spec/hal-spec.html depending on the distribu- tion. OPTIONS
The following options are supported: --udi The UDI (Unique Device Identifier) of the device object. --key The name of the property. --hex Show int32/uint64 values in hex (without a leading 0x). --verbose Verbose output. --help Print out usage. --version Print the version. RETURN VALUE
If both the property and device object exists the value of the property is printed on stdout and the program will exit with exit code 0. Otherwise the exit code will be non-zero. BUGS
Please send bug reports to either the distribution or the HAL mailing list, see on how to subscribe. SEE ALSO
hald(8), lshal(1), hal-set-property(1), hal-find-by-property(1), hal-find-by-capability(1) AUTHOR
Written by David Zeuthen <> with a lot of help from many others. HAL-GET-PROPERTY(1)
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