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KLDCONFIG(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      KLDCONFIG(8)

kldconfig -- display or modify the kernel module search path SYNOPSIS
kldconfig [-dfimnUv] [-S sysctlname] [path ...] kldconfig -r DESCRIPTION
The kldconfig utility displays or modifies the search path used by the kernel when loading modules using the kldload(8) utility or the kldload(2) syscall. The following options are available: -d Remove the specified paths from the module search path. -f Do not display a diagnostic message if a path specified for adding is already present in the search path, or if a path specified for removing is not present in the search path. This may be useful in startup/shutdown scripts for adding a path to a file system which is still not mounted, or in shutdown scripts for unconditionally removing a path that may have been added during startup. -i Add the specified paths to the beginning of the search path, not to the end. This option can only be used when adding paths. -m Instead of replacing the module search path with the set of paths specified, ``merge'' in the new entries. -n Do not actually change the module search path. -r Display the current search path. This option cannot be used if any paths are also specified. -S sysctlname Specify the sysctl name to use instead of the default kern.module_path. -U ``Unique-ify'' the current search path - if any of the directories is repeated one or more times, only the first occurrence remains. This option implies -m. -v Verbose output: display the new module search path. If the path has been changed, and the -v flag is specified more than once, the old path is displayed as well. FILES
/boot/kernel, /boot/modules, /modules The default module search path used by the kernel. EXIT STATUS
The kldconfig utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
kldload(2), kldload(8), sysctl(8) HISTORY
The kldconfig utility first appeared in FreeBSD 4.4. AUTHORS
Peter Pentchev <> BSD
June 15, 2001 BSD

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XSetFontPath()															    XSetFontPath()

  XSetFontPath - set the font search path.

  XSetFontPath(display, directories, ndirs)
	Display *display;
	char **directories;
	int ndirs;

  display   Specifies a connection to an X server; returned from XOpenDisplay().

	    Specifies the directory path used to look for the font.  Setting the path to the empty list restores the default path defined for
	    the X server.

  ndirs     Specifies the number of directories in the path.

  XSetFontPath() defines the directory search path for font lookup for all clients.  Therefore the user  should  construct  a  new  directory
  search  path	carefully  by adding to the old directory search path obtained by XGetFontPath().  Passing an invalid path can result in pre-
  venting the server from accessing any fonts.	Also avoid restoring the default path, since some other client may have changed the  path  on

  The  interpretation  of the strings is operating-system-dependent, but they are intended to specify directories to be searched in the order
  listed.  Also, the contents of these strings are operating system specific and are not intended to be used by client applications.

  An X server is permitted to cache font information internally, for example, it might cache an entire font from a file and not check on sub-
  sequent  opens of that font to see if the underlying font file has changed.  However, when the font path is changed the X server is guaran-
  teed to flush all cached information about fonts for which there currently are no explicit resource IDs allocated.

  The meaning of errors from this request is implementation-dependent.


See Also
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