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gstat(8) [freebsd man page]

GSTAT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  GSTAT(8)

gstat -- print statistics about GEOM disks SYNOPSIS
gstat [-abcdop] [-f filter] [-I interval] DESCRIPTION
The gstat utility can be used to monitor I/O transactions of geom(4) devices. The options are as follows: -a Only display providers that are at least 0.1% busy. -b Batch mode. Collect numbers, print and exit. Default if stdout is not a tty. -c Enable display of geom(4) consumers too. The default is to show statistics only for geom(4) producers. -d Enable display of statistics for delete (BIO_DELETE) operations. -f filter A regular expression that can be used to only show statistics for some devices. Only devices with the names matching filter will be displayed. The format of the regular expression is described in re_format(7). -o Enable display of statistics for other operations (BIO_FLUSH). -I interval Refresh the gstat display every interval microseconds. Adding a suffix of s, ms, or us (the default) indicates that the update interval is specified in seconds, milliseconds, or microseconds, respectively. -p Only display physical providers (those with rank of 1). EXIT STATUS
The gstat utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
systat(1), geom(4), iostat(8), vmstat(8) HISTORY
A gstat utility appeared in FreeBSD 5.0. BSD
July 3, 2014 BSD

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CTLSTAT(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						CTLSTAT(8)

ctlstat -- CAM Target Layer statistics utility SYNOPSIS
ctlstat [-t] [-c count] [-C] [-d] [-D] [-j] [-l lun] [-n numdevs] [-w wait] DESCRIPTION
The ctlstat utility provides statistics information for the CAM Target Layer. The first display (except for dump and JSON modes) shows aver- age statistics since system startup. Subsequent displays show average statistics during the measurement interval. The options are as follows: -t Total mode. This displays separate columns with the total CTL read and write output, and a combined total column that also includes non I/O operations. -c count Display statistics this many times. -C Disable display of CPU statistics. -d Display DMA operation time (latency) instead of overall I/O time (latency). -D Text dump mode. Dump all available statistics every 30 seconds in a text format suitable for parsing. No statistics are com- puted in this mode, only raw numbers are displayed. -h Suppress display of the header. -j JSON dump mode. Dump all available statistics every 30 seconds in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format. No statistics are computed in this mode, only raw numbers are displayed. -l lun Request statistics for the specified LUN. This option is incompatible with total (-t) mode. -n numdevs Display statistics for this many devices. -w wait Wait this many seconds in between displays. If this option is not specified, ctlstat defaults to a 1 second interval. EXAMPLES
ctlstat -t Display total statistics for the system with a one second interval. ctlstat -d -l 5 -C Display average DMA time for LUN 5 and omit CPU utilization. ctlstat -n 7 -w 10 Display statistics for the first 7 LUNs, and display average statistics every 10 seconds. SEE ALSO
cam(3), cam(4), ctl(4), xpt(4), camcontrol(8), ctladm(8), iostat(8) AUTHORS
Ken Merry <> Will Andrews <> BSD
March 6, 2013 BSD
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