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BTXLD(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 						  BTXLD(8)

btxld -- link editor for BTX clients SYNOPSIS
btxld [-qv] [-b file] [-E address] [-e address] [-f format] [-l file] [-o filename] [-P page] [-W page] file DESCRIPTION
The btxld utility binds the specified client executable together with a BTX loader program and the BTX kernel, and creates a composite object file suitable for loading during the boot process. The options are: -q Quiet: inhibit warnings. -v Verbose: display information about the files processed. -b file Specify the BTX kernel to be bound with the client. -E address Set the client entry point. -e address Set the BTX loader entry point. -f format Specify the output format, where format is one of 'bin', 'aout', or 'elf'. -l file Specify the BTX loader to be bound with the client. -o filename Name the output file. The default is ``a.out''. -P page Specify the first page of the client's segment to be marked 'present', where page may be 0 or 1. -W page Specify the first page of the client's segment to be marked 'writable', where page may be 0, and should not exceed the number of pages occupied by the combined .text and .data segments of the client image. EXIT STATUS
The btxld utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. SEE ALSO
ld(1), boot(8) AUTHORS
Robert Nordier <> BSD
September 12, 1998 BSD

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BOOT.CONFIG(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual						    BOOT.CONFIG(5)

boot.config -- Configuration file for the boot blocks DESCRIPTION
The boot.config file contains options for the FreeBSD boot block code. When the FreeBSD boot loader runs, it searches the ``a'' slice of the boot partition for a boot.config file (as a result, slices which are missing an ``a'' partition require user intervention during the boot process). If the boot.config file is found, its contents are used as the default configuration options for the boot block code and are echoed to the system console. A valid format of this file is to put BIOS drive number, a controller type, a unit number, a partition, a kernel file name, and any other valid boot(8) option on a single line, as it is done at the ``boot:'' prompt. The options related to the boot image selection described below and all the other options available for boot.config are documented in detail in the boot(8) manual page. FILES
/boot.config parameters for the boot blocks (optional) EXAMPLES
The command: # echo "-P" > /boot.config will activate the serial console of FreeBSD. The command: # echo "1:ad(1,a)/boot/loader" > /boot.config will instruct the second stage of boot(8) on the first disk to boot with the third boot(8) stage from the second disk. The command: # echo "1:ad(1,a)/boot/loader -P" > /boot.config will do both of the above. SEE ALSO
boot(8), loader(8) AUTHORS
This manual page was written by Daniel Gerzo <>. BSD
May 13, 2007 BSD
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