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BOOTPTEST(8)						    BSD System Manager's Manual 					      BOOTPTEST(8)

bootptest -- send BOOTP queries and print responses SYNOPSIS
bootptest [-f bootfile] [-h] [-m magic_number] server-name [template-file] DESCRIPTION
The bootptest utility sends BOOTP requests to the host specified as server-name at one-second intervals until either a response is received, or until ten requests have gone unanswered. After a response is received, bootptest will wait one more second listening for additional responses. OPTIONS
-f bootfile Fill in the boot file field of the request with bootfile. -h Use the hardware (Ethernet) address to identify the client. By default, the IP address is copied into the request indicating that this client already knows its IP address. -m magic_number Initialize the first word of the vendor options field with magic_number. A template-file may be specified, in which case bootptest uses the (binary) contents of this file to initialize the options area of the request packet. SEE ALSO
bootpd(8) BOOTSTRAP PROTOCOL (BOOTP), RFC951. BOOTP Vendor Information Extensions, RFC1048. AUTHORS
The bootptest utility is a combination of original and derived works. The main program module (bootptest.c) is original work by Gordon W. Ross <>. The packet printing module (print-bootp.c) is a slightly modified version of a file from the BSD tcpdump(1) program. This program includes software developed by the University of California, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and its contributors. (See the copy- right notice in print-bootp.c.) BSD
June 10, 1993 BSD

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bootpquery(1M)															    bootpquery(1M)

bootpquery - send BOOTREQUEST to BOOTP server SYNOPSIS
haddr [htype] [options] DESCRIPTION
is a diagnostic function used to check the configuration of the Internet Bootstrap Protocol (BOOTP) server, bootpd(1M). This function can only be run by the superuser, since it uses reserved ports. constructs a boot request with the supplied parameters to send to the BOOTP server, and prints the contents of the BOOTP server reply (as shown in below). Note that formats and prints RFC-1048 or CMU-style vendor information included in the BOOTREPLY. The BOOTREQUEST packet is broadcast on the BOOTP server port, If a BOOTP server is configured to respond to the request, it returns a BOOTREPLY packet on the BOOTP client port, can only display BOOTREPLY packets when the BOOTP server broadcasts the reply on the client port or when the hardware address and IP address supplied in the BOOTREQUEST are those of the host on which is run. The following options provide the information for the BOOTREQUEST: Hardware address of the BOOTP client; used in the BOOTREQUEST. A BOOTP server responds if it has configuration information for a host with this link-level address. Type of address specified as haddr; may be or The default address type is Specify the internet address of the BOOTP client to be used in the BOOTREQUEST. If the BOOTP client does not know its IP address, the BOOTP server supplies it in the BOOTREPLY. Otherwise, the server returns the BOOTREPLY directly to ipaddr. Specify the name of the BOOTP server to receive BOOTREQUEST. When the BOOTP server is known, the BOOTREQUEST is not broadcast. Specify a vendor name to include vendor information in the BOOTREPLAY. vendor can be specified as or For any other vendor specification, the first four characters of the parameter are used as the vendor magic cookie. Specify that should broadcast the reply back. This option is only valid for on the HPUX 10.0 (or later) release(s). Specify a boot file needed by the BOOTP client. If a boot file is specified in the BOOTREQUEST, the BOOTP server responds only if the server host can make the file available. EXAMPLES
/usr/sbin/bootpquery 02608cee018e ether -s hpserver Received BOOTREPLY from ( Hardware Address: 02:60:8c:ee:01:8e Hardware Type: ethernet IP Address: Boot file: /export/tftpdir/hp-gw2-confg RFC 1048 Vendor Information: Subnet Mask: Bootfile Size: 6 512 byte blocks Domain Name Server: Host Name: hp-gw2 AUTHOR
was developed by HP. SEE ALSO
bootpd(1M), tftp(1), tftpd(1M). DARPA Internet Request For Comments RFC951, RFC1048, RFC1084, RFC1395, RFC1542 Assigned Numbers. bootpquery(1M)
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