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STICKY(7)					       BSD Miscellaneous Information Manual						 STICKY(7)

sticky -- sticky text and append-only directories DESCRIPTION
A special file mode, called the sticky bit (mode S_ISTXT), is used to indicate special treatment for directories. It is ignored for regular files. See chmod(2) or the file <sys/stat.h> for an explanation of file modes. STICKY DIRECTORIES
A directory whose `sticky bit' is set becomes an append-only directory, or, more accurately, a directory in which the deletion of files is restricted. A file in a sticky directory may only be removed or renamed by a user if the user has write permission for the directory and the user is the owner of the file, the owner of the directory, or the super-user. This feature is usefully applied to directories such as /tmp which must be publicly writable but should deny users the license to arbitrarily delete or rename each others' files. Any user may create a sticky directory. See chmod(1) for details about modifying file modes. HISTORY
A sticky command appeared in Version 32V AT&T UNIX. BUGS
Neither open(2) nor mkdir(2) will create a file with the sticky bit set. BSD
June 5, 1993 BSD

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sticky(5)						Standards, Environments, and Macros						 sticky(5)

sticky - mark files for special treatment DESCRIPTION
The sticky bit (file mode bit 01000, see chmod(2)) is used to indicate special treatment of certain files and directories. A directory for which the sticky bit is set restricts deletion of files it contains. A file in a sticky directory can only be removed or renamed by a user who has write permission on the directory, and either owns the file, owns the directory, has write permission on the file, or is a privi- leged user. Setting the sticky bit is useful for directories such as /tmp, which must be publicly writable but should deny users permission to arbitrarily delete or rename the files of others. If the sticky bit is set on a regular file and no execute bits are set, the system's page cache will not be used to hold the file's data. This bit is normally set on swap files of diskless clients so that accesses to these files do not flush more valuable data from the sys- tem's cache. Moreover, by default such files are treated as swap files, whose inode modification times may not necessarily be correctly recorded on permanent storage. Any user may create a sticky directory. See chmod for details about modifying file modes. SEE ALSO
chmod(1), chmod(2), chown(2), mkdir(2), rename(2), unlink(2) BUGS
The mkdir(2) function will not create a directory with the sticky bit set. SunOS 5.11 1 Aug 2002 sticky(5)
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