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rollback(7) [freebsd man page]

ROLLBACK(7)							   SQL Commands 						       ROLLBACK(7)

ROLLBACK - abort the current transaction SYNOPSIS
ROLLBACK rolls back the current transaction and causes all the updates made by the transaction to be discarded. PARAMETERS
WORK TRANSACTION Optional key words. They have no effect. NOTES
Use COMMIT [commit(7)] to successfully terminate a transaction. Issuing ROLLBACK when not inside a transaction does no harm, but it will provoke a warning message. EXAMPLES
To abort all changes: ROLLBACK; COMPATIBILITY
The SQL standard only specifies the two forms ROLLBACK and ROLLBACK WORK. Otherwise, this command is fully conforming. SEE ALSO
BEGIN [begin(7)], COMMIT [commit(7)], ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT [rollback_to_savepoint(7)] SQL - Language Statements 2010-05-14 ROLLBACK(7)

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