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destroy(n)                                                     Tk Built-In Commands                                                     destroy(n)


destroy - Destroy one or more windows SYNOPSIS
destroy ?window window ...? _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This command deletes the windows given by the window arguments, plus all of their descendants. If a window "." is deleted then all win- dows will be destroyed and the application will (normally) exit. The windows are destroyed in order, and if an error occurs in destroying a window the command aborts without destroying the remaining windows. No error is returned if window does not exist. EXAMPLE
Destroy all checkbuttons that are direct children of the given widget: proc killCheckbuttonChildren {parent} { foreach w [winfo children $parent] { if {[winfo class $w] eq "Checkbutton"} { destroy $w } } } KEYWORDS
application, destroy, window Tk destroy(n)

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XDestroyWindow(3X11)						     MIT X11R4						      XDestroyWindow(3X11)

       XDestroyWindow, XDestroySubwindows - destroy windows

       XDestroyWindow(display, w)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;

       XDestroySubwindows(display, w)
	  Display *display;
	  Window w;

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       w	 Specifies the window.

       The function destroys the specified window as well as all of its subwindows and causes the X server to generate a event for each window.
       The window should never be referenced again.  If the window specified by the w argument is mapped, it is unmapped automatically.  The
       ordering of the events is such that for any given window being destroyed, is generated on any inferiors of the window before being gener-
       ated on the window itself.  The ordering among siblings and across subhierarchies is not otherwise constrained.	If the window you speci-
       fied is a root window, no windows are destroyed.  Destroying a mapped window will generate events on other windows that were obscured by
       the window being destroyed.

       can generate a error.

       The function destroys all inferior windows of the specified window, in bottom-to-top stacking order.  It causes the X server to generate a
       event for each window.  If any mapped subwindows were actually destroyed, causes the X server to generate events on the specified window.
       This is much more efficient than deleting many windows one at a time because much of the work need be performed only once for all of the
       windows, rather than for each window.  The subwindows should never be referenced again.

       can generate a error.

       A value for a Window argument does not name a defined Window.

See Also
       XChangeWindowAttributes(3X11), XConfigureWindow(3X11), XCreateWindow(3X11), XMapWindow(3X11), XRaiseWindow(3X11), XUnmapWindow(3X11)
       X Window System: The Complete Reference, Second Edition, Robert W. Scheifler and James Gettys

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