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fbtab(5) [freebsd man page]

FBTAB(5)						      BSD File Formats Manual							  FBTAB(5)

fbtab -- change device protection upon login DESCRIPTION
The fbtab file contains a number of lines specifying a device together with a list of devices with associated protections. Comments start with a '#' and extend to the end of the line. Blank lines or lines with only a comment are ignored. All other lines consist of three fields delimited by whitespace: a login device (/dev/ttyv0), an octal permission number (0600), and a colon (':') delimited list of device patterns (/dev/console, /dev/dsp*). All device patterns are absolute paths. If the tty argument (relative path) matches a login device name (absolute path), the permissions of the devices in the colon-delimited list are set as specified in the second field, and their ownership is changed to that of the UID and GID arguments. FILES
/etc/fbtab The fbtab file resides in /etc. SEE ALSO
login(1), getty(8) AUTHORS
Guido van Rooij BSD
August 22, 1994 BSD

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logindevperm(4) 						   File Formats 						   logindevperm(4)

logindevperm, fbtab - login-based device permissions SYNOPSIS
/etc/logindevperm DESCRIPTION
The /etc/logindevperm file contains information that is used by login(1) and ttymon(1M) to change the owner, group, and permissions of devices upon logging into or out of a console device. By default, this file contains lines for the keyboard, mouse, audio, and frame buffer devices. The owner of the devices listed in /etc/logindevperm is set to the owner of the console by login(1). The group of the devices is set to the owner's group specified in /etc/passwd. The permissions are set as specified in /etc/logindevperm. Fields are separated by TAB and/or SPACE characters. Blank lines and comments can appear anywhere in the file; comments start with a hash- mark, ` # ', and continue to the end of the line. The first field specifies the name of a console device (for example, /dev/console). The second field specifies the permissions to which the devices in the device_list field (third field) will be set. These permissions must be expressed in octal format. For example, O774. A device_list is a colon-separated list of device names. Note that a device name must be a /dev link. A device entry that is a directory name and ends with "/*" specifies all entries in the directory (except "." and ".."). For example, "/dev/fbs/*" specifies all frame buffer devices. Once the devices are owned by the user, their permissions and ownership can be changed using chmod(1) and chown(1), as with any other user- owned file. Upon logout the owner and group of these devices will be reset by ttymon(1M) to owner root and root's group as specified in /etc/passwd (typically other). The permissions are set as specified in the /etc/logindevperm file. FILES
/etc/passwd File that contains user group information. SEE ALSO
chmod(1), chown(1), login(1), ttymon(1M), passwd(4) NOTES
/etc/logindevperm provides a superset of the functionality provided by /etc/fbtab in SunOS 4.x releases. SunOS 5.10 22 Oct 2003 logindevperm(4)
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